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For Parents

While Watching:


  • Watch with your child! During viewing, talk with your child about what’s happening on screen. Ask questions to support their comprehension.


  • Play “I-Spy” - Who can spot the instruments in the background?


  • Reinforce your child’s learning by encouraging them to engage with music. For example: Have them clap along with the radio or create a rain stick from rice and paper towel tubes.


  • Have fun! Encourage your child to move and dance with the music! Don’t be afraid to move to the beat either!


  • Learn and sing along to “It’s All About Music.” You can create your own dance moves!


After Watching:


  • Ask your child what their favorite part of the episode was. Share your favorite part, too!


  • If you play an instrument or sing, teach your child how to play or sing.


  • Use musical vocabulary from the episode during family time. For example: At dinner, ask your child to tap their glass with their spoon when it is full, and again when it is empty. What’s different about the sounds?


  • Complete an at-home activity that corresponds to the episode. How do the episode’s
    musical concepts relate to their activity?