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What’s Ethan’s Music Room LIVE!?

Ethan’s Music Room LIVE! is an interactive performance by Ethan Bortnick based on the interstitial program Ethan’s Music Room. Building on the vocabulary and concepts from the show, Ethan invites everyone into his music room to learn about performing, creating, and sharing music. By bringing individual audience members onstage to participate in aspects of the show, and getting the whole audience to join in the fun, Ethan brings his Music Room to you!

By airing Ethan’s Music Room, stations have the opportunity to have Ethan visit the station, or a local school or partner when he is on tour in the area. In addition to his regular tour appearances, Ethan wants to share his love for music with as many people as possible! That’s why we’re presenting Ethan’s Music Room LIVE!

Music Room Live