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Ethan’s Music Room, a series of 70-second educational interstitials is a unique program “by kids, for kids, with kids.” Ethan Bortnick, a 14-year-old musician, composer, and entertainer shares his passion for music with children of all ages, encouraging them to find how music and the arts are all around us.

Produced by Sun and Sky Entertainment, Inc. and the Learning Lab at the Connecticut Public Broadcasting Network, Ethan’s Music Room provides a basis for music education, music theory, and arts education by offering fun, simple, and dynamic explanations of subjects like notes, scales, rhythm, lyrics, and more.

By Kids, For Kids, With Kids
Ethan's Music Room was created under the philosophy "by kids, for kids, with kids." The show was produced by a team of nine high school students from the Journalism & Media Academy Magnet School as part of Hartford Public Schools' unique partnership with the Connecticut Public Broadcasting Network. The artwork, photos, coloring pages, activity pages, and promotional materials for Ethan's Music Room were created by the show's Student Production Team.

This unique approach to educational programming made every aspect of Ethan's Music Room a learning experience where students were at the center.


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